We develop software to the needs of our clients.
At Ikomsoft, we follow a constant development methodology, in which we apply rigorously follow the procedures and controls of our quality management system. Our goal is to ensure that our systems are highly efficient and useful, which translates into optimal results for our clients.

Thanks to our 17 years of experience in programming, we have developed a modular component architecture and custom tools that provide us a great competitive advantage in the creation of projects. By using this architecture, we can build scalable and efficient systems, in which developers can work independently on different components to improve the effectiveness of the entire system. Plus, our custom tools increase speed and efficiency of software development and improve the quality of the final product.

In short, our constant development methodology and our focus on Innovation and continuous improvement allow us to guarantee that our systems are of high quality and satisfy the needs of our clients effectively.

Software for management of package shipping companies

With our shipping software you can facilitate your company’s processes sea, air or land cargo for all of America and europe. This system will help you to take control of your clients and manage the resourcements of your company. Our system is made up of modules such as:

► Client
► Guides
► Routes
► Item
► Pickup
► Delivery Order
► Income and Expenses
► Tracking
► Reports
► Consolidation
► Estimates
► Courier Module► Multi-Module for Shipping and Courier
► External API
► Fedex price consultation

Comprehensive Solution, All in One Platform. Our platform offers a complete package, complete with top-tier technical support and training. Additionally, our system includes statistical reports, updates, and other high-value-added solutions.”

Module Details


The client module is an essential part of the software. Allows users to create and manage
their accounts, enter and modify their data, personal and contacts information, select and
pay for your shipping options, consult the status and history of orders, and contact
customer service. The client module is designed to be easy to use, secure and efficient.
Offers a customized experience and is adapted to needs and preferences of each user.
The customer module integrates with the rest of the shipping software of packages to
guarantee fast and quality service.


Allows users to generate guides and shipping and transport documents. The guide module
or invoice is in charge of validating and calculating the necessary data for each document,
such as weight, volume, value, origin, destination, type of service, tax and insurance. The
guide module facilitates the customs and tax regulations of each country. The guidance
module or invoice connects with the customer module and the operations module to
guarantee the traceability and transparency of each shipment.


The courier route inclusion module is a key part of the shipping software of packages.
Allows operators to enter packages into the system that they arrive at the warehouse of
origin without necessarily needing to generate an invoice.The courier route inclusion
module integrates with the operation modules and the delivery order module to assure the
quality and punctuality of every service.


The item module is an essential part of the shipping software. Allows users to register and
save the data of the items that are commonly sent, like the name, description, weight,
value and category. The pre-registered items module allows them to speed up the process
of creating their shipping documents, as they can select pre-registered items from a list
and avoid having to enter data manually each time. The item module also allows the user
to edit and delete the articles pre-registered according to the guide or invoice module to
facilitate the management and control of each shipment.


Allows users to request and schedule their packages from their home or place of
preference, without having to go to an office or point of delivery. The package pickup
module allows them to choose the date, time and pick up location, as well as the number
and type of packages they want to send. The package pickup module also allows them to
pay for the delivery service collection and receive a confirmation and tracking code. The
delivery pick up module coordinates with the operations module and the module that
drives to secure efficiency and commodity of every shipping.

Delivery Order

The delivery order module is a fundamental part of the package shipping software. Allows
the transport drivers to access and manage the information on the shipments that
correspond to them. The delivery order module allows users to see and confirm the
allocated routes, scan and verify the bar codes of the packages, register shipping, returns,
and report any problem. The delivery order module also provides navigation tools,
communication and security. The delivery order module is synchronized with the drive
module operations and the customer module to ensure efficiency and customer
satisfaction each shipment.

Income and Expenses

Allows business administrators and accountants to record and manage financial
movements related to the package shipping service. The income and expenses module
gives the opportunity to enter and classify the expenses by concept of sales, collections,
returns, discounts and others. The income and expenses module allows to generate and
consult financial reports and reports such as the income statement, balance sheet, cash
flow and profitability analysis. It integrates with the client module and the guide or invoice
module to ensure the precision and transparency of each movement financially.


Allows users and business operators to consult and monitor the status and location of
packages you have sent or received. The module package tracking allows you to update
the status of packages and also enter the tracking code or tracking number of each
package and see the detailed information for each stage of the shipping process such as
date, time, place, person in charge and event. It approves receiving notifications and alerts
in case of any change or inconvenience in the shipping. The tracking package module
communicates with the operations module and the driving module to ensure the reliability
and security of each shipment.


Allows administrators and operators of business to generate and consult reports about the
performance and management of the package shipping service. The package
consolidation module enables select and filter the data that you want to analyze, like the
number of shipping, the type of service, origin, destiny, date, status, income, expenses and
more. The reports module is fed with data from the client module, operations module,
guide or invoice module and the income module and expenses for ensuring quality and
utility for all reports.


Ensure clients and operators of the company to group and send several packages in a
single shipment, which reduces costs and simplifies the process. The package
consolidation module allows to select packages that can consolidate, verify the weight and
volume total of the shipment, generate and download the guide of consolidated transport
and pay for the service of the shipment. The consolidated package module integrates with
the client module, operation module and guide or invoice module to assure efficiency and
economy of each shipment.

Guide Estimates

The invoice estimates module authorizes insert package data or delivery data.
Consolidated shipment, such as weight, volume, value, origin, destination and type of
service. The invoice estimates mode also allows you to view and select available shipping
options such as delivery time, tax and insurance. The invoice estimates module also
shows you the estimated cost of each shipping option and allows them to choose the one
that best suits them. It connects with the client module, the guide or invoice module for
facility planification and the decision of every shipping.

Courier Module

Package management system: Enable clients to realize online orders and the courier
employees to process them and assign the tracking number.
Routes and shipping management: Plan the best route for every package and the nearest
office to your client to ship and assign the shipment to a specific carrier to ensure fast and
efficient delivery.

Package Tracking and Tracing: The software provides updates on real-time information on the status of packages and
their current location, allowing clients and courier employees to be informed at all times.
Invoice and payment management: The software can generate automatic invoices and
process online payments.

Website Integration: The software will be linked to your website completely for handle user registration and
login to enter a profile of each client, where each one will have access to track their
packages, locker address and process online payments.

Multi-Module for Shipping and Courier
: You can manage both traditional parcel shipping and the courier system through a single account on its website.

API (Application Programming Interface): Facilitates communication and data exchange
between multiple independent systems or applications. An external API defines the
methods, parameters, formats, and protocols required for requesting and receiving data
from another system or application.

FEDEX Price Query

Permits calculate and compare the estimated cost of shipping packages or a consolidated
shipping with FedEx, even before doing the service. Enquiry FedEx prices, allowing users
to enter package data or the consolidated shipping, like weight, volume, worth, origin,
destiny and type of service. Inquire FedEx prices also enables users to see and select
shipping available options, like shipping time, taxes and insurance. FedEx price inquiry
shows the estimated cost of every shipping option and allows users to choose the one that
suits them best.


Smart address consultation: Ensure to search and find recipients in the most efficient way
using AI technology.

Zones and automatic assignments:
feature that allows to automatically assign delivery and
pick up zones to shipments based on predefined criteria, such as zip code, address and
other factors.

Automatic assignments of delivery offices: Tool that allows automatically assign the
delivery office closest to the recipients, which can reduce delivery times and improve
customer experience.

Smart measurement calculations: Function that allows you to calculate automatically
the weight and dimensions of shipments using intelligence artificial technology.

Photos: Allows you to take and attach pictures of shipments to document their
status and any incident that may arise during the transportation process
Digital signature: Allows you to obtain the recipient’s digital signature as proof of

Business Functions

Sending guides by WhatsApp: Allows you to send the shipping guide through
WhatsApp, which may be more convenient and accessible for some clients.
SMS: Allows you to send text messages to customers to notify them about the
status of your shipments.
Custom Box Content Selection: Allows you to select and customize the content
of the shipping boxes, so that they properly fit the size and weight of the
Prices by area: Allows you to establish different shipping prices depending on the area
of origin and destination.
1D / 2D QR Code Label Generator: Allows you to generate shipping labels with
1D or 2D QR barcodes, which can be scanned to obtain shipping information.
Mass import from Excel: Allows you to massively import data from
submissions from an Excel file, which can save time and improve
Customized Status: Allows you to set custom status for the shipments, so they can adjust
to the needs and particularities of the business.
Intelligent route order in collection: Allows you to plan and optimize the collection route,
collection of shipments, to reduce waiting times and improve efficiency.
Delivery Order App: Mobile application for drivers of transport vehicles that allows you to
manage shipments in real time and receive instructions and
Tracking App: Mobile application for clients, which allows you to track and follow the
status of your shipments in real time.
Consolidation App: Mobile application for clients, which allows consolidating several
shipments in a single shipment.
Tracking on your website: Allows you to integrate a shipment tracking system into the
company website, so that customers can follow the status of their
PAYPAL online payment: Allows you to offer customers the option to pay for shipments
online through PayPal.

We create your website and manage your social networks

The graphic design of the website is included and will follow the style of the brand. For it
We need to have the company’s image manual as well as all the
existing brand elements.

•Logo in vector format.

  • Official color palette.
  • Official fonts.
  • Image style.
  • Any other relevant element to the website design

The web structure has the following sections:

  • Start. Summary of the company’s image and services.
  • About us. Describe the origin and history of the company.
  • Services. Products and services that the company offers.
  • Online Pickups: An area where the client can request a collection, which will then be
    automatically registered in the system.
  • Online payments. The client will be able to pay their invoices with a credit card in their
    Web page.
  • Package tracking. The customer will be able to see the status of their packages on their
  • Contacts. Headquarters, offices, branches and online contact

Why the importance of social networks?

Now with social networks the way in which companies interact has changed with your clients, since this allows more direct and faster communication, as well as also the advertising or marketing strategies they put into practice. This is adds a much lower cost of using social networks to advertise than doing traditional media such as radio and television.

Some important statistical data

There are several studies that have been carried out regarding social networks, these are
some of the results about its users:

84% of internet users access social networks.
27% of their time on the internet is spent on social networks.
74% Of social network users, a majority believe that they are a trusted source to turn to
when making decisions about purchasing products or services.
60% of consumers interact with at least one brand on social networks.

These statistics underscore the pivotal role that social media plays in modern business operations and customer engagement.

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